Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been a while, so I thought I'd put up some quick updates since my last post:

- Planning on learning/working on iPhone Cocoa application programming this summer; working with fellow Cornellian and longtime friend Alex Ainslie. I've got a sweet idea for an app called DockPlus - more on that later!

- Schoolwork
+ Grades are still good - applying for Barry M. Goldwater scholarship next year!
+ Begun preliminary designing of simulated neural net. Considering I haven't studied those yet, I'm sure there are much better ideas out there, but I think I've got a good start!
+ Just discovered APT, a MUST HAVE for ANY Cornell student! I did this myself in excel (what a bore...) and thought that I or someone else must eventually come up with this, so thank you Andrew Hurrell!

- Last blog with Alex (yoworld!) was a bust - never really got a feel for the tumblr interface... <3 Blogger

- Weather is finally starting to get nice! Sunny and over 50 this whole week! Yikes!

- I think facebook should implement blogging - they would officially rule the world... and then be bought up by google ;)

- Alex is working at google this summer (jealous) and I'm trying to eek out a stipend to work in my biorobotics lab; I'm actually a bit useful now though!

- Been mountain biking with my class TWICE now = half way done. Last week included a lot of falls and a nicely executed faceplant! (pic later I hope)

- Nic Jr. and Ryan Jr. II are (still) alive and well (for now). <- my fish

- I have David Diamond playing on my iPod right now, and am loving life!


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