Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Project Euler, and stuff!

Project Euler is a great place for finding fun and interesting algorithmic problems that also delve into mathematics. I've currently done the first 14 (of 219... quite a ways to go...) and it's really honing my optimization skills. Any algorithms I come up with for Project Euler will get the tags Project Euler and Algorithms (as soon as I make those tags!).

From my searches on the net, there hasn't been much info or help on using cross-compiled libusb code for ARM (or anything else), so in case some poor soul looking for help finds this humble blog, I hope I can be of assistance!

And basically anything that I figured out that might be helpful in some way to anybody, I'll throw up here for good measure - both so that I don't forget it, and so people can benefit.

Good luck!


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